Solidarity of the Indigenous African is Critical – Race Categorizing Breaths Racism

Racialism has been Normalized by means of Legal Racial Categorization, a Demon from the past. Africans (meaning Nguni-Bantus), now Authenticate, Certify and Validate Colonial labeling by embracing Criminal and Immoral terminologies called “Blackness, Black Consciousness, including Black but Africans in Particular”. What is Africans in Particular? Who is Africans in Particular? This is the Ruling Parties Official Policy and it was Reinforced in the State of the Nation Address (SONA) last week. Its now being Insulated and the rest of us so-called Coloured-KhoiSan Nation is left bewildered. Are we not All from Africa? What has happened to the Progressiveness of the ruling party who once upon a time Convicted Racism and preached Non-Racialism? It works in favor of the majority and for that reason many has simply accepted this mischievous ideology without asking questions. These false racial identifications leave the entire African Indigenous People Powerless. If the doctrine of “Africans in Particular” were advantages to the masses of South Africans, one could have suggested that it served its purpose, however, the masses are relegated to the periphery as mere spectators. “Africans in Particular” has reach its “Sell-by-Date”, we the Collective Africans need to develop New Knowledge that will navigate us in to the South Africa we envisage.

Are we (Khoi-San-Coloureds-Nguni’s-Bantus-Indians) committed to dismantling Race Categorizing? All systems of oppression, whether they are found in utilitarian power structures, interpersonal associations, or within us, need a desperate rethink. As a Mutual Association of Indigenous South Africans, we need to work thoughtfully in supporting each other through these contradictions and illogical processes. Involvement in the new struggle requires each of us to participate in both solidarity of our own liberation – to be accountable for all privileges carried, while also struggling for liberation from internalized and/or experienced oppression. We must build a healthy culture of resistance, accountability, and sustenance.

IFNASA un-apologetically advance that the so-labeled Coloureds, Seed of the Boesman and the Khoikhoi, according to International Law hold the Right to Self-determination. The Nguni-Bantus hold the same rights, why would they accept Colonial racial categorizing?

The so-labeled Coloureds Obliviousness regarding their Legal Identity and Autonomy to Self-determination is quickly taking a new turn. The “self-determination” doctrine demand by so-labeled Coloureds is raised by government functionaries, which seeks to advance scare tactics, due to their fear that recognition of so-labeled Coloured-KhoiSan Self-determination in its widest sense would have the potential of undermining the integrity and stability of the State. We want to state Unambiguous, we have no intention to dislodge the government as the legal guardian of South Africa’s independence. If government (the Executive, State, Parliament, Judiciary and the National Council of Provinces) Stubbornly persist with the conscious marginalization of the so-labeled Coloured-KhoiSan Nation and the masses of Nguni’s-Bantus, the people “Will” dislodge them. For the SA Indigenous First Nation, the recognition of the right to self-determination is, however, a question of Justice, Parity and Fairness of being treated like all other peoples.

We experience serious internal and external conflict as a result of the Coloured terminology and suffer great injustice and humiliation incessantly, because of this label forced on our ancestors. We all need to urgently find our Own African Identity soon, if not, it will destabilize the country. Self-determination is one of the fundamental rights of peoples in international law. It is enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Social and Cultural Rights. Aware of the inherent link between the concept of peoples and the right to self-determination, many governments also oppose using the term “indigenous peoples” in the Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and insist on replacing it with “indigenous people” or “indigenous populations”. We will not sit back and relax until we have gained our Human Rights. The Human Rights of All Indigenous Africans.

Solidarity of the Indigenous African is critical now, because Race Classification Breaths Racism.


Anthony Phillip Williams