IFNASA Media Update
11th June 2020
What a historic and Sweet Victory!!!
The country and especially our community who has been left been behind, can now find their own Voice and allow those most competent and sincere to lead our communities political, social and economic affairs. We are not calling for segregation or separation, but we have always argued for inclusion as people who are Classified as Coloureds.
South Africans cannot begin to imagine the excitement in the camp of the New Nation Movement and Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA). We would like to take this opportunity and express our sincere appreciation to a multitude of people who were religiously supporting both the organizations and our efforts. We will soon release a full list of those people and companies who were instrumental in our endeavors and particular the success we collectively achieve today. It is indeed a sobering moment. South Africa potentially be a much better place after this Judgement, on condition that we all work together, while the majority ensure the inclusion of the First Nation of South Africa. Remember, we all have to work hard to make it a great Nation and an Equal Nation. As First Nation, we need our Identity and Land back. It is now more possible.
The majority of South Africans still does not understand the implications of the judgement, but you can ask politicians, they know. To those unscrupulous politicians, this Judgement is the Final Nail in their Coffin. We have just assisted South Africans with getting rid of the corrupt individuals, nepotism and marginalization. We just managed to strip corruption of its ‘Perceived Power’. The People Took Their Power Back.
Case number CCT110/19 is done and dusted.
We will be on Newsroom Africa at 21:15pm tonight. Join the conversations. Join IFNASA www.ifnasa.co.za and Join www.newnation.org.za
Full Press Statement to be released once we have studied the Judgement.
Again, thanks
Kei Gangangs
Anthony Phillip Williams
066 250 4948
Shaun Khaeb MacDonald
078 707 5452
Issued by:
Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA)