To the children of the Xam and Khoekhoe People, now Classified as Coloureds in South Africa, and to Fellow South Africans, and particularly those who believe in the ‘Restorative Justice’ of the First People who live on the Land called South Africa. There has never been a more Desperate Time for Equal Justice.
We at IFNASA are Not calling Classified Coloured People Together so that we can be Separate from Fellow South Africans, No, the Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) is calling the Classified Coloured People Together because we Fought with everyone during colonialism and apartheid and when we came into the supposed democratic season, our Fellow Bantu-Nguni Comrades left us outside in the cold. Those who govern South Africa, the majority of who are Fellow Indigenous Africans, decided to inflict unbelievable Pain, Inequality and Injustice towards those who are Classified as Coloureds. We cannot be Silent about it!
So, what has happened over the last twenty-six (26) years:
You Rejected Us as Equal Africans and Reduces our Voices!
You continue to Oppress Us and the masses are Silent while they suffer too!
You Refuse to Restore our Identity!
You continue to Humiliate Us and instruct the South African Defence Force to Skop en Donner Us!
You Rape our Ancestral Resouces, and send it off to China and the World!
You Stole our Ancestral Land and like the colonialist, used their laws to keep us in abject poverty, through the countries constitution’s notorious section 25 subsection 7.
You Kill Us on the Cape Flats and the townships throughout South Africa, yet the masses are Soundless!
You Jail Us, because you don’t want our men to receive consciousness and Defend their Ancestral Land!
You Refuse to Prome Us in our Jobs!
You Heartlessly Share BBBEE Deals amongst yourselves and your colonial masters, while the children of the Xam and the Khoena are screaming in agony for Equal Justice.
You continue to Prepare Tables for you and your Corrupt Administrators, while our children and the children of the majority scratch the dustbins and the dirt heaps for food and shelter.
You continue to Pushed us away because we are supposedly beneficiaries of the past Regime!
You continue to Spit on us!
We continued to Allow you, Until now!
Classified Coloured People and our Fellow Bantu-Nguni South Africans who believe in Equal Justice, the time has never been so Desperate, we must Reject and Resist the Brutality with which the regime administers our Land and its Resources. If you believe in Equal Justice, its time that you Join the First Nation People of South Africa, because We want to Share our Resources with you. We are not calling for Coloured Separation, No, we are calling on the good men and women of South Africa to recognize the Injustice meted against the Xam and Khoekhoe (Classified Coloured) People in SA. Let us restore the First People of the Land called South Africa so that the rest of the People could be set Free.
We call for Equal Justice!
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Remember! The People Liberate Themselves!
Remember! The People Liberate Themselves!
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