*Why are the Classified Coloured People Burdened and Overloaded with Discrimination in South Africa?*
There must be a reason why we are deliberately and determinately relegated, consigned or pushed to the margins of society. Call us alarmist or pessimist or even that we are exaggerating, the truth and reality remain, People who are *Classified as Coloured* suffer unthinkable misery at the hands of a supposedly non-racial administration and the majority of progressive people and organizations are silent. Why?
We at *IFNASA* has been in the trenches for many years fighting for the Human Rights of those who are Classified Coloureds, while we categorically continue to say that we are not calling for Classified Coloured Nationalism or Separatism. We have always been clear, we are fighting for the Liberation of Classified Coloured People and the freedom of every South African who believes that the First Nation People must be restored. We are unapologetic, Classified Coloured People must *‘Organize’* ourselves if we are going to change the status quo. We are complaining, yet we refuse to trust our own ability to change our circumstances. Blaming government endlessly will not bring the freedom we so desperately yearn for, we must change our thinking and actions.
We will mention a few highlights of the activities of the *Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA)* since its inception. We established organizations like *Patriots For Equality (PFE) and the *Gauteng Shutdown Co-ordinating Committee (GSCC) amongst other platforms. Some youth asked us what they will gain by *Joining IFNASA?* By gaining they were referring to what monetary value they will gain out of the organization. That is absolutely painful and unfortunate that young people would ask what they will gain, yet their lives are in total misery and economic opportunities continue to evade (dodge) them. Before we judge them, we have to seriously consider what we as adults contributed to change in the environment of the youth. Notwithstanding, asking what you can gain simply means that you are not ready to change your future and the future of your family and friends.
Having said that, anyone who asks what they will gain when they *Join IFNASA* and or make skills and financial contributions available must consider the alternatives. What if you do not *#TakeAction* by Joining *IFNASA* or other progressive movements advancing for an Inclusive South African society where the Classified Coloureds have Equal opportunities? *If we do not ‘Organize’ our People, our Thoughts, our Resources and our History, the alternative is unquestionably gloom, continued suppression, and disregarding of our contributions to democracy.*
*IFNASA* have been passionately and committedly fighting for our People’s Human Rights, doing it out of our own pockets. We have never solicited money from the government or companies. *IFNASA* members funded their own projects with much difficulty and pain.
Some of the things we did since we were started the movement:
• We lodged a Constitutional Court Case, claiming South Africa as our Ancestral Land;
• We organized and facilitated Round Table discussions in Cape Town, KZN and Johannesburg;
• We fought and continue to fight for labour issues our People are confronted within the education, government and other sectors with other organizations and individuals;
• We fought for the Youth who were discriminated against in the Health sector;
• We submitted our rejection of the mis-identification of our People with the South African Human Rights (SAHRC), who declared the label Coloured discriminatory and ordered that the government remove it;
• We fought for a Police Station in Alabama, Klerksdorp, in the North West province with other organizations;
• We marched to the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) demanding that we should be included in the Economy of the country;
• We induced so much pressure on the Gauteng Premier to extend that he publicly admitted that he has ‘indisputable evidence’ of under-investment in former Classified Coloured areas in the province;
• We fought with many Activist in Cape Town against the mischievous administrators when they wanted to rename Cape Town International Airport without considering our Ancestors who were at the Cape long before any other settlers;
• We held a Land Summit discussing our claim to our Ancestral Land usurped (taken) by settlers;
• We were the only organization invited by parliament to make a submission on our Land Claims. We placed it on record that we were appalled with the miscarriage of justice when they only invited *IFNASA.* Parliaments actions are symptomatic of nervous (worried) dishonest administrators of our Ancestral land and resources.
These are some of the high-lights of our activities. With your support by taking up membership, offering your skills and making monthly donations will not increase our visibility in the remote areas of the country, but it will help build a solid base where you can come to for support of any socio-economic challenges you face, especially the challenges of discrimination and oppression.
Our People continue to be at the tail end of the social and economic benefit schemes. Whenever opportunities are presented by the government or the private sector, we are last in line and many times we don’t even make the line. Our CV’s are thrown in dustbins and many have been found on heaps of filth, that’s what bureaucrats (officials) think of us, dirt. Call us alarmist, pessimistic or claim that we are exaggerating, truth and reality are, we suffer inexplicable or bizarre misery and the majority of South Africans are soundless. When we march and organize Lock-downs, we are labelled as racist and separatist. Only when we march or take action does the police crush our people so that they are too scared to rise-up against their oppression. When our People settle on the land, we are immediately crushed, why?
• We do Not get Tenders or Contracts and those who do get, must pay the bulk of their profit to corrupt administrators;
• We do Not get Jobs, and those who are lucky enough will have to lick butt to cycle out of that position because promotion is exclusive or politically selected for Africans in Particular;
• We are Not considered for political high office in the political parties where we are because we are not Africans in Particular;
• We are Not considered for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Deals, Affirmative Action (AA), Employment Equity (EE) because we do not fit the African in Particular profile. Companies don’t get the same score when they go into partnership with our businesses as when they go in with our fellow Bantu-Nguni counterparts, for that reason we are Not considered;
• Our children are Not considered for education at higher learning on an ‘Equal’ basis as Bantu-Nguni children because of pure racist policies and the unthinkable geo-political consideration which are discriminatory and demonic;
• Every government administrative position in our communities are exclusively offered to Bantu-Nguni groups. When you go to the clinic or police station in a majority of former Classified Coloured areas, you cannot find anyone speaking Afrikaans or anyone who can help our elderly in their native language;
• We are the only group of People in South Africa who does not have a national radio station paid for by the SABC. Our people must understand that media shape your thinking, your community, your economics, politics and your history. We are the second largest group in the country after the Bantu-Nguni Africans, yet we have No national radio station. The Indians are far less than us, but they have a radio station, paid for by the SABC. We agree that they and everyone else ‘must’ have their own radio station because it speaks to their community identity. So, why don’t we have a national radio station which will talk about our identity and history? Why is the government so scared of us? Who are the Classified Coloureds? Why must we suffer so much?
If you still do not know why we must ‘Organize’ ourselves, or why you should *Join IFNASA* Now, you will suffer eternally. Now you know what we have done without money or resources, can you imagine what we are going to do with your support when you become a member, offer your skills, bring your resources or donate anything at your disposal. Whether it is office furniture, office space, laptops, your house for branch meetings, information about business ideas, cars/bakkies, a house, property or finances, the time is NOW!
*IFNASA will be Four Years old on the 29th August 2020.*
We are actively busy with establishing Branches across the country. We would like to invite you to *JOIN NOW* and start a Branch with 50 people in your area. Contact us at *066 250 4948* and we will come and launch your Branch. Our people are calling us daily for help in various areas including labour issues, discrimination, unfair practice, legal issues, education, land issues, and a host of other issues. We realized that the only way to get out of the mess is to collectively throw our resources together and build our own platform as others have done in the country.
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*Welcome to IFNASA – The People Liberate Themselves*!
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*9th August 2020*